With restrictions starting to ease off throughout the land, the long-awaited Aussie ‘get togethers’ can begin to kick off!  All that is required to enjoy this soy free, gluten free, seafood alternative snack dish, is 15 mins of prep time and a hot BBQ.

Lemon Pepper Plant-based Prawn Skewers


150g Sophies Kitchen Vegan ‘Naked’ Plant-Based Prawns

1 Large Red or Yellow Capsicum

1 Tablespoon crushed Garlic (optional)

1 Tablespoon of chopped Parsley

1 Tablespoon of Lemon Juice

½ Tablespoon of Lemon & Pepper seasoning


1 – Chop parsley and crush garlic, combine in tray with the lemon juice and lemon pepper seasoning

2 – In the tray mix ingredients in step 1 with the plant-based prawns and put aside

3- Cut the capsicum into squares

4 – Fire-up the BBQ

5 – Skewer the ‘prawns’ and capsicum

6 – Oil preheated BBQ and grill skewers till cooked through

7 – Simply arrange on platter & serve

Enjoy good times with friends or family!!