Our key features…


Deliciously Plant-based


Whole real Aussie potatoes


Boutique quality now in the retail market


Made in Australia from at least 93% Australian ingredients


Australian owned


Air fryer friendly, healthier for you


Control portion size


4 star health rating


Ready to eat in 10 minutes


Great for hassle free catering


Crispy & golden on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside


All natural flavours

Packed with pea protein

Easily cooked from fresh, you do the baking

Made in Australia

Award winning

Vegan friendly

Air fryer friendly

Guilt free

Never any antibiotics or hormones

Fun for all the family

Minimal ingredients

Flaky pastry on outside ‘meaty’ in the middle

Hassle free catering


I do hope you are able to get them into a wide range of other stores, I have tried other plant based ones & nothing comes close to being as yummy as yours!

– Sherri-Leigh

Oh My God!
I’ve recommended your products to all my vegan friends.

– Jenna


We’ve (been) eating them almost every day.

– @becca.collins.smart

Our Vision

Now Plant-based doesn’t have to taste like plants

Food is about bringing people together. At the Why Meat Co. we are acutely aware of not excluding others due to dietary requirements. Our vision is to see everybody coming together in social gatherings sharing not only food but also good times.

Our bite sized snack portion options ensures all party goers are satisfied with a delicious plant-based party snack that will never disappoint.

The Why Meat Co.

Why we are different…

  • At The Why Meat Co. we are completely dedicated to producing plant-based offerings.
  • Modern twist on traditional Aussie ‘Classics’.  Evoking Australiana
    nostalgia. Crispy Golden Potato Cakes that you remembered so fondly at the local footy or school ‘tuck shop’. Downsized into miniature morsels.
  • Prestigious award-winning pie entrant in vegetarian category at ‘Australia’s best pie’ competition. Entries assessed by industry leaders, Baking Association of Australian.  Our artisan Plant-based party pies are regionally baked in country Victoria, perfectly resembling the traditional Aussie party pie, minus the meat.  
  • We make mouthwatering, juicy plant-based sausage rolls, which resemble a traditional sausage roll in every way, except using only plant-based ingredients.
  • Delivering on our promise to replicate the texture and flavour profile of ‘traditional’ snack foods.
  • Unlike our competitors, our products are not fully baked. Our from fresh-to-baked philosophy is the easy go to catering option for all occasions.