Our Offerings

Plant-based Sausage Rolls & Party Food

  • Our Plant-based sausage rolls taste just like the traditional ‘homemade’  sausage roll of yesteryear.
  • Made freshly on site, we snap freeze ready for you to bake at home. We leave the cooking process in your hands, guaranteeing that freshly baked taste every time.
  • Made at a dedicated gluten free site, the green label packet is our Gluten Free pastry of our plant-based sausage rolls.
  • The orange label packet is our Wheat pastry of our plant-based sausage rolls.

    Our key features…


    Deliciously Plant-based


    Packed with Pea Protein


    You do the baking


    Easily cooked from fresh


    Australian owned & made


    Healthy snack food


    Guilt free


    Never any antibiotics or hormones


    Quick cooking time


    Great for hassle free catering


    Crispy on the outside ‘meaty’ in the middle


    Affordable to everyone


    I have fallen in love with your sausage rolls, do you have a facebook page that I can share with my vegan community? I love that you are an Australian owned company and everything made here with mostly Australian ingredients. I hope you can expand your list of products as you have a very happy customer 😊


    I just tried your sausage rolls. WOW, what a pleasant surprise. Thank you for producing something this flavorsome for us vegetarians.


    Our Vision

    Now Plant-based doesn’t have to taste like plants

    Food is about bringing people together. At the Why Meat Co. we are acutely aware of not excluding others due to dietary requirements. Our vision is to see everybody coming together in social gatherings sharing not only food but also good times.

    Our bite sized snack portions in both gluten-free and wheat-based options ensures all party goers are satisfied with a delicious plant-based snack that will never disappoint.

    The Why Meat Co.

    Why we are different…

    • At The Why Meat Co. we are completely dedicated to producing plant-based offerings.
    • We make mouthwatering, juicy plant-based sausage rolls, which resemble a traditional sausage roll in every way, except using only plant-based ingredients.
    • Delivering on our promise to replicate the texture and flavour profile of ‘traditional’ snack foods.
    • Unlike our competitors, our products are not baked. Our from fresh-to-baked philosophy is the easy go to catering option for any occasion.